Oracle Marketing Cloud: Leading the Way in Modern Marketing Execution [New Gartner Report]

The marketing ecosystem has never been more complex. There are thousands of applications for a marketer to navigate that can support marketing execution, and thousands of data sources that can be tapped to drive personalized engagement and the customer experience. Today’s marketers have to keep up with a dizzying number of marketing application and channels to ensure they are delivering refined, targeted, and meaningful interactions in a modern way.

Marketing and campaign success can only be achieved by maintaining a focused approach to accessing and leveraging data that drives the right modeling, targeting and engagement with your ideal customers to drive business success.

“CMOs and digital marketing leaders are under pressure to engage individuals on increasingly fragmented and unpredictable terms, driving the need for a common pool of profile data, analytics, workflow and content resources enabled by a digital marketing hub,” as noted in the recently released Gartner Report Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs.

What exactly is a Digital Marketing Hub?
As Gartner explains, a Digital Marketing Hub is a portfolio of software that enables marketers to deliver programs and campaigns that utilizes a consistent set of audience profile data, content, has unified workflow for ease in management and has capabilities for messaging and analytics.

The goal is to orchestrate and optimize multichannel campaigns across the customer journey. This is no small task.

To that end, Digital Marketing Hubs need to take into consideration, per Gartner, four primary areas of focus to deliver upon “The Goal”:

Master audience profile
Integrating systems are essential for modern marketers to foster a more complete, detailed view of audiences. For example, the integration of Oracle’s data management platform with cross-channel marketing solutions can source first, second, and third party data to help marketers discover more ideal customers and gain richer insights about existing customers.

Workflow and collaboration tools
Traditionally, marketing sits in a silo from the rest of the organization, limiting their ability to drive a consistent customer experience. Creating an internal marketing ecosystem that encourages more collaborative content planning, exchange, and execution is required to inspire, delight and retain your customers.

Intelligent orchestration
As marketers strive to create seamless experiences for their audiences, it’s critical to begin with an internally aligned strategy for integrated marketing communications. Our Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions are focused on delivering more cohesive and relevant cross-channel customer experiences for every step of the customer lifecycle from before they are a known contact, through customer acquisition to advocacy.

Unified view for measurement and optimization
A centralized view of information and attributes is essential for marketers to proactively leverage data sources in strategic ways that support internal objectives, as well as a meaningful audience experience. We enable marketers to unify their data under one umbrella to help them measure and optimize performance across paid, owned and earned media.

Oracle Marketing Cloud has been acknowledged for the breadth and strength of our cross-channel marketing solutions. We invested in these best of breed solutions for marketers, empowering them to deliver compelling, more personalized customer experiences.

For more market findings and details on Oracle Marketing Cloud’s positioning as a leader, visit Gartner and read their report, Digital Marketing Hub Magic Quadrant.


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