How to Court Your Customers: Relationship Advice for Marketers

The comparison between dating and marketing offers a timeless likeness – no matter what kind of shape your relationship is in, you always can benefit from nurturing the connection (and so can your partner or customer!)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so cue in the comparative content! This year we put together a SlideShare chock full of common questions marketers may have about optimizing relationship building across various points of engagement, including:

• Content – The core communication mechanism and center of marketing messaging.

• Email – The trusty channel for offering information to those who’ve opted in.

• Mobile – The native, real-time device to help you offer real time delight.

• Social – The channel for chatter, tagging, and teasing content.

We called on our resident relationship-building expert, Modern Mark, to answer key marketing questions in “Dear Abby”-style letter form.

Check out “Courting Your Customers: Relationship Advice for Marketers” here:

Perhaps The Beatles said it best in citing, “All You Need is Love,” and that it’s always helpful to have “A Little Help From My Friends,” so we also want to share our best tips for marketers to show your leads and contacts a little love with our Nurturing Guide.

Here are some additional tips to help you keep your relationships budding and mutually beneficial:

1. Personalize whenever you can.
2. Automate anniversary date reminders to show your appreciation for their business
3. Offer non-gated excerpt content to entice readers.
4. Tag your customers on social media to celebrate their successes.
5. Provide preferred seating for customers at in-person events.
6. Offer awards programs to mark your customers’ milestone moments.
7. Email your customers “Happy Birthday” wishes for a personal touch.
8. Keep record of purchase history to offer helpful upsell opportunities with supplementary products or services.
9. Set up an online community for customers’ knowledge sharing and exchange
10. Take every opportunity to garner feedback and refine communications.

What are your tips for the best ways to court and keep customers?


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