How to use Facebook for thank you notes



We’re all a little lax when it comes to sending as many “thank you” notes as we should

That’s where Facebook comes in. It’s the perfect platform for thank you missives that can be personalized and shared, giving a public shoutout to someone who’s done you a solid

Here’s our how and why of using Facebook to say thanks. Let us know your ideas in the comments below

Thank you scenarios


Image: Facebook

There are endless ways in which Facebook is ideal for sending a thank you note

  • Someone’s given you/your child/your pet a gift. Snap a picture of the recipient with said gift and create a photo post, tagging the giver as a thank you. You get to show her how much the present was appreciated and she gets a public shoutout for her thoughtfulness

  • You enjoyed a delicious meal at someone’s home. Be sure to grab a tasty-looking image of the food and the next day, post a Facebook #foodgram complimenting his amazing cuisine and tagging him as the chef. He’ll be flattered you liked the food so much to create a post

  • You were invited to a party or other event. Take some arty shots and create a mini-gallery on Facebook, tagging the organizer. Make sure you mention details (the decorations, the venue, the music, etc.) so the organizer knows you really noticed the small things Read more…

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