Madonna fans hung up over failed Meerkat debut of ‘Ghostown’ video



Madonna tried to premiere her “Ghostown” music video on live-streaming app Meerkat on Tuesday — at a time when many other musicians are instead using rival Twitter app Periscope — but the Meerkat stream failed and disappointed her fans

The video, which Madonna teased on Tidal on Monday, was supposed to premiere at 10 a.m. PT; however, many fans only saw an error message or nothing at all.

#Meerkat + #Madonna = #FAIL

— Jeti Dornan (@jetison) April 7, 2015

what a big ass fail Madonna and Meerkat…, You Tube like always fuck tidal fuck meerkat,(thanks god I’m not even a fan,I would b pissed AF)

— Señorita Haughton (@RaquelleDC3) April 7, 2015 Read more…

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