The CMO’s Guide To Mobile Marketing (eBook)

A few months ago we released a guide which we created along with The CMO Club entitled the CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms. The guide contains results of a survey of over 100 marketing leaders plus the five key solutions we identified to help CMOs and marketing leaders tackle the challenge of providing a seamless customer experience across all marketing channels via the use of technology – the right technology that is.

In our newest guide, The CMO’s Guide To Mobile Marketing – we get right to the point, two as a matter of fact, when it comes to mobile marketing:

  1. Mobile marketing is not reserved for the B2C CMOs of the world only— nor is this guide.
  2. Mobile Internet usage has overtaken desktop as the most used digital platform—and there is no looking back.

We did that for a reason, which was to make abundantly clear to any B2B CMOs out there who may be thinking mobile marketing has no place in their strategic plans and lest anyone forget, ours is a mobile world after all.

The guide covers three critically important aspects when it comes to mobile marketing.

  1. SMS & MMS
  2. Push
  3. Data Management Platforms

For each aspect we delve into the value of each, what may be holding CMOs back and how to go about actually implementing them.

If you're a CMO you owe it to yourself to download The CMO’s Guide To Mobile Marketing today.

And for more on the value of mobile marketing, you will also want to download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Mobile Marketing where marketers can learn how to:

  • Market with cross-channel orchestration
  • Use smart data and signals to inform your mobile communication strategy
  • Create a holistic view of customer interactions
  • Deliver personalized marketing experiences
  • Prove the value of your mobile marketing strategy


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